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   Contact of Auction   
  Painting and Calligraphy :

  Xiang Li       TEL 022-23126305  E-mail
  Guangming Jiao  TEL 022-23126305  E-mail
  Wei Xing        TEL 022-23124740 E-mail
  Goods and Materials:  
  Wenming Zhang  TEL 022-23314562  E-mail  
  Jun Li          TEL 022-23314562  E-mail
  Kun Jiang       TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Yaguang Liu     TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Xianlin Mei     TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Customer Service:  
  Qilong Guan     TEL 022-23126305  E-mail
  Jun Li          TEL 022-23126110  E-mail
  Hong Liu(part time)  TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Finance Department: 
  Jinhua Lu       TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Custody Office: 
  Yuqiu Han      TEL 022-23131890 E-mail
  Training Department:
  Xiang Li        TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Personnel & Legal Department: 
  Shuyi Shi      TEL 022-23131890  E-mail
  Administration? Office: 
  Hong Liu        TEL 022-23131890  E-mail 
  Internal Affair Office:
  Congshun Yan    TEL 022-23126301  E-mail

            Tel:0086-22-23131890 0086-22-23128881
      Address: No.79Jiefang North Road Heping District Tianjin China
          Code: 300041
          FAX: 0086-22-23192829